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Help plan future of hospital transport

The NHS is asking for help in shaping the non-emergency hospital transport service for patients in the Boston area.

An event to discuss the services is to be held on Monday, June 13, between 9am and noon in Committee Room 1 at Pilgrim Hospital.

Patients who may use the non-emergency transport service and stakeholders representing patients who use these services are very welcome to attend. As space may be limited, please could you advise of your attendance in advance of the event.

The NHS wants  to hear you views on the service, and listen to any thoughts or ideas you have on how the service could be delivered in future.

Those interested are asked to confirm their attendance by emailing Andrew Rix at or by phoning Debbie Evans / Claire Hornsby on  01522 515305.

The non-emergency patient transport service is paid for by local NHS Commissioners; to provide transport to and from hospital, for people with a medical need.

The NHS is currently in a contract procurement process (to re-purchase the service) and intends entering into a new contract with a provider in July 2017.

As healthcare commissioners, they want to involve you in the contract procurement process, so that your opinions can be taken into account when the contract is written.

They want to hear about your health care needs, how the service can support you to stay healthy, or access the right healthcare service when you need them.

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