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Pokémon Go at the Guildhall

Pokémon Go, a virtual reality game played on a mobile phone, is sweeping the globe and in Boston has melded ancient and modern. For the town's historic Guildhall is one of the places where Pokémon characters can be tracked and captured.

The aim of the game is to find and catch Pokémon and train the characters in order to do a battle with other trainers (other people with the phone app) in order to collect more Pokémon characters. 

The app uses Google maps and locations  to identify "PokeStops" and the 600-year-old Guildhall is one.  At PokeStops you can collect one or more "Poke Balls". These are used to capture the Pokémon characters. 

You then release the Pokémon characters from the poke ball when you battle an opponent, using Poke Balls to regain your Pokémon character and that of your opponent.

The game uses your smartphone's GPS facility and camera to alert you to the presence of a Pokémon. Once you have found the character it appears on your phone, superimposed on the real time, real life image of the scene in front of you as seen by your phone's camera. The little critters are hiding in the Guildhall - go find 'em.