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Drink and drugs crackdown

Concerns expressed by residents and business owners in Boston have led to a joint campaign aimed at a zero tolerance approach to drinking alcohol and taking drugs in the street.

The council's community safety team and Boston's community police inspector Andy Morrice responded when they were asked what more could be done to deter those drinking and taking drugs in Red Lion Street.

A concentrated poster campaign supported by businesses and the Centenary Methodist Church has been launched with warning notices posted in participating shop windows in the street. Drinkers and drug takers are told in English and other languages that such behaviour in public will not be tolerated and those activities will be reported and acted upon.

The signs have also been posted on railings alongside the footpaths outside the church.

Cllr Paul Skinner, Boston Borough Council's Cabinet member with responsibility for community safety said: "There are already laws and rules in place to control this type of behaviour. The council is using the very latest and newest legislation to discourage street drinking. The poster campaign serves as a useful reminder to any who might be mistaken in thinking any of the laws and rules have been relaxed. They most definitely have not."

Insp Andy Morrice said: "We are putting resources into this, hence the presence of the mobile police station and permanent patrols on Red Lion Street from 6am onwards."