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Stress and Mental Health

If you're having mental health problems, you're not alone.

One in four of us will have problems with our mental health at some time in our lives. This includes things like low mood and depression, stress, anger, anxiety and panic. To find out more about these common problems please visit

These are the kind of feelings and common life problems that affect lots of us from time to time. You might be trying to find help because you've been feeling down for a few days. Or perhaps you're having a stressful time at work, which is causing you to feel worried and anxious. The best way to work out where to go next is to take the NHS Choices mood self assessment quiz.

If you feel ready to change there is lots of information, advice and support available to help you do so. This can range from self-help tips, support services, social support groups, confidential hotlines and physical activity sessions. For more information about what help is available locally please see the related document below.

Do you need urgent mental health help now?

If you've had thoughts of self-harming or are feeling suicidal, contact someone immediately such as your GP, a friend, a relative or someone else you can trust. If you've already taken an overdose or cut yourself badly, dial 999.

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