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Need to get somewhere? Call Boston Community Transport

Boston Community Transport is a small, registered charity offering a community transport scheme to more vulnerable and isolated people or for those who do not have access to, or cannot afford, public transport or a taxi.

It offers an essential, affordable local transport service for residents within the Borough of Boston and surrounding villages.

With the help of highly-trained and professional volunteers, they take all the details of your appointment, they ask a volunteer driver to collect you from home, take you to your destination, help you in, wait for you and make sure you get back safely.

Membership fee is £12 per year, per household and journeys cost 60p per mile, with a minimum charge of £5 per journey.

Quotes for longer journeys outside of Boston can be given.

Please call with any enquiries as every customer's needs are individual.

For further details of the service, or to apply for membership, please telephone 01205 360183 or email  See their website for more information.