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Found kittens update

Today we received a letter from one of the kittens that was found in a litter bin in Central Park, the letter said:

Hiya my name is Boris. Good looking fella aren't I?

I am one of the kittens found in the bin in Central Park. Thought I would drop you a line to let you know how we are all getting on.

One of my brothers and a sister has gone to live in a big house with fields and woods all round it. They are getting on really well.

My other sister and my brother Dobby are still with the lady at the Cattery. Dobby wasn't very well but he is much better now and still has big ears!

I decided to stay with Kevin. I am getting on really well but I have got a habit of poking my head in things, Kevin had to cut the bars of the cat basket twice to get my head out. Last Sunday we had some Pringles. They were so nice I had to get the last few crumbs out and got my head stuck up the tube, but it was worth it for that lovely barbecue flavour.

I have lots of toys but I like to run round the kitchen chasing a conker.

I have had my first lot of injections. When I am 4 months old Kevin said I am going back to the vet to have my "conkers" done, whatever that means.

Thank you again to everyone who was concerned about us.

Love Boris xxx

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