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Better roads bid for county's 'fastest-growing town'

The borough council, county council and Boston MP Matt Warman have continued lobbying Government for better roads for the town.

A strategic case has been submitted for Government to consider when deciding whether or not to provide the money needed to move the Boston distributor road project forward. To view the Strategic Case Summary document visit

Cllr Richard Davies, the county council's executive member for highways, said: "As we all know, local council funds are very tight. For that reason, we're asking central Government for £1 million to develop a business case for the much-needed Boston Distributor Road.

"As part of our lobbying, we've submitted a strategic case for Government to consider when deciding whether or not to provide the money we need to move this project forward."

Cllr Michael Cooper, Leader of Boston Borough Council, said: "Step-change transport infrastructure improvements have been a long-standing aspiration, or should I say need, of the borough for many years.

"The long-term vision for significant highways investment is embedded in our local plan process and encourages developer contribution to meet specific site needs and jointly contribute to the strategic distributor road network.

"As a pro-growth council with an impressive housing delivery record, we are delighted to support the county council as the Highways Authority in developing the business case to expedite soonest delivery in support of improved air quality, continued housing, business and jobs growth, productivity and prosperity.

"We have a plan that is already at an advanced stage which offers better transportation in an area vital to the nation's food security.

"I commend this application."

Cllr Davies added: "From a local perspective, a distributor road is absolutely essential to keeping Boston moving now and in the future, as it would significantly reduce congestion and improve journeys for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

"In addition to helping ease traffic flows, the new road would also support future development and housing growth in the area.

"However, the longer it takes to bring this scheme forward, the longer before Boston will have the infrastructure needed to grow.

"We will continue working in partnership with Boston Borough Council to further develop plans for this vital new road, but this project is highly unlikely to happen without support from central Government."

Matt Warman, MP for Boston and Skegness, said: "I have met with ministers at the highest levels of Government to raise awareness of the growth that could be unlocked by central funding towards a distributor road for Boston.

"It is no coincidence that when the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced a new bypass fund this time last year, Boston was specifically singled out as an example of a town seized up by congestion and desperately in need of a bypass.

"Boston is Lincolnshire's fastest-growing town, and I am delighted that Lincolnshire County Council is preparing a strategic case summary that will put us in a position to bid for a share of this funding."

When built, the Boston Distributor Road would be a new, 8km road around the west of town. It would join the southern A16 to the A52 before crossing the Boston to Sleaford railway line, the wide South Forty Foot Drain and the A1121 via a new bridge. From there, it would head north, over the River Witham; east, over the railway line to Skegness; and back to the A16 north of town.

The first section of the road, the A16 to London Road, is already underway, as part of Chestnut Homes'  The Quadrant 1 development, which will deliver 500 houses, employment space, community facilities and a new football stadium to the area.

A complete business case would allow the county council to bid for central Government funding towards the new £150 million road as and when it becomes available.

In addition to the recently submitted strategic case, Boston Borough Council and borough residents have petitioned Chris Grayling and lobbied for the new road, alongside Lincolnshire County Council and the local MP.