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Pest control

We, in common with many other councils, have ceased provision of its discretionary pest control service. We do however provide advice and information to the public on pest control matters.

Persons requiring pest control services are advised to contact a pest control contractor, several of whom are listed in Yellow Pages. Local contractors who have previously undertaken pest control work on our behalf satisfactorily or have demonstrated through providing satisfactory references to us include:-


. Pestinator UK (Boston) - Tel: 01205 400246 or 07730 773784

· Elston Environmental Services - Tel: 01205 722219

· Pest Express - Tel: 0800 5426727

. Pest Force (Boston) - Tel: 07974 242022

· Premier Pest Services Ltd - Tel: 01205 402999

· Lincspest Ltd - Tel: 01205 401005

· S.W.A.T. Pest Control - Tel: 01205 480604 / 07962 336699

 No further additions shall be made to the list above from 05/10/2016.

Whilst we have ceased our discretionary pest control service we are regularly contacted by members of the public for advice on pests and their control. For further information on the common pests we are contacted about please click on the links below:

Honey Bee Swarms

Boston Borough Council is often contacted for advice about swarms of honey bees that have appearred in peoples gardens. Swarms will normally move on and should not present a danger if left alone. There are however local beekeepers that can help that are members of the British Bee Keepers Association Website.

The Britsh Bee Keepers Association gives advice on identifying honey bees and provides a link to contacting a local beekeeper who may be able to remove the swarm. Bee keepers may charge for their services however this is usually a small fee to cover their travel costs etc. You should discuss any costs directly with the beekeeper beforehand. Follow the link to the British Bee Keepers Association Website and enter your postcode to find a local beekeeper.

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