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Street Cleansing Service Standards

We will carry out the mechanical and manual cleansing of all highways channels and footways across the borough on a quarterly basis, as a minimum.

We will carry out a manual and mechanical cleaning schedule each morning, prior to the commencement of business in Boston town centre, on 362 days per year, to ensure that the area is kept as free of litter and detritus as is practicable.

We will, each day, provide an operative, based in the town centre to ensure that levels of litter are contained and to react to any ad hoc requirements that may arise.

We will provide a reactive service to clean up after spillages on the highway and debris following road accidents, as soon as is practicable.

We will provide litter and dual-purpose litter/animal waste bins across the borough and empty these on a cyclical basis, dependent upon use, a minimum of once per week.

We will provide disposable bags for animal waste free of charge on request to encourage owner responsibility.

We will offer a co-ordinated clean up in the Market Place and Wide Bargate each week to ensure that waste and litter arising from the twice-weekly market is collected and disposed of as quickly and effectively as is practicable.

We will offer a speedy and reactive service to collect fly tipped material from publicly-owned land across the borough as soon as practical on notification.

We will seek to take formal enforcement action against any identified person who have knowingly littered, disposed of waste illegally on a highway/public place or at one of the council's recycling bring sites.

We will provide the council's chewing gum removal machine and an operative in the town centre and across the borough as regularly as is practicable.