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Peter Hunn - Principal community safety officer at Boston Borough Council says this about the dangers of river swimming, especi

As the heat wave continues local agencies, including Boston Borough Council and Lincolnshire Police have issued the following points in a urge for parents to impress upon their children some of the dangers of river swimming.

1.Most young people who drown are often victims of their own misjudgement regarding their swimming ability and the nature of the water they are swimming in.

2.Drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death among the under 16's.

3.Children who view the river as a tempting means of cooling off in a hot spell fail to realise the harmful effects that cold water can have on stamina and strength.

4. Objects under the water which may be unseen from the riverbank can entrap swimmers and hold them under the water.

5.Boats regularly manoeuvre in the Grand Sluice and Anton Gowt area. There is a real danger of becoming entangled in the boats' propellers or even being caught in the wash of the boat and dragged under by the displacement of the water created by the boats' movement.

6.One of the biggest problems in our area is presented by the lock gates, a regular place that children and adults swim in Boston. The gates operate on an automated system. No warning is given prior to the gates operating. Anyone swimming in this area when this process is commencing will be drawn through the gates and washed down river.

7.Other health hazards are potential such as Ecoli, Weils Disease and even Asthma and Eczema.

Swimming is also prohibited in this area and those that are caught may be liable to a £100 fine.

Enjoy the Sun but please stay safe.