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Ernie Robinson archive available for the world to see

Boston's Ernie Robinson archive is now online and available to be seen around the world.

The first 1,000 online pictures presented in four parts of 250 images each can be seen on Boston Borough Council's You Tube account More are being processed to be added shortly, eventually leading to an online archive of more than 4,000 images portraying a social history of Boston, Lincolnshire, England, from the past 40 years.

All these images were taken by Ernie Robinson during his career in the town and borough as a commercial, press and private photographer. The archive came to light following Ernie's death in 2011 and was donated to Boston Borough Council by his family.

You can also view the archive on a TV screen in the entrance hall at Boston Borough Council's Municipal Buildings in West Street. They are displayed as a constantly-changing slide show, but anyone can stop the display to search the archive.
The pictures have been taken from Ernie's negatives, scanned as a digital record by volunteer Mr John Shaw.
Mr Shaw is now working on a second batch of 1,000 images and estimates the final total may be between 3,000 and 4,000.