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Poo patrols for Central Park

Police and council staff are to crack down on anti-social behaviour in Boston's Central Park.

An increasing problem with people urinating and defecating in the park is to be met with increased surveillance, including use of plain clothes police and CCTV.

Some shrubs have already been removed from some areas to reduce the cover available to those not using the public toilet available near the park entrance. But councillors are concerned that the park should not be turned into a "green desert" devoid of any planted areas.

Cllr Yvonne Gunter, Boston Borough Council's portfolio holder for parks and open spaces, said: "It's not fair on the majority that we should be forced to spoil Central Park because a few do not know how to behave properly."

Parks staff are to step up their surveillance and use walkie-talkies to alert the council's CCTV staff and police to suspect behaviour.

Central Park chargehand, Kev Field, said many of the incidents of inappropriate behaviour were fuelled by alcohol - discarded cans and bottles accompanying evidence that people have urinated and defecated under cover of trees and shrubs.

Parks staff have challenged some offenders but, because of the aggressive behaviour of some caught in the act, police are to take firmer action.

Boston Police are to place plain clothes officers in the park and offenders will be arrested, prosecuted and banned from the area. CCTV cameras watch over the park and more of the council's 81 cameras can be used to track offenders across town when they leave the area.

The new high-definition system can secure good quality evidence from a distance.

Members of the public using the park who spot incidents of anti-social behaviour are asked to report it to police using the 101 phone number.