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Filming council meetings recommended

Filming of Boston Borough Council meetings by press or public has been recommended by the Cabinet and may be permitted following a change of constitution by the full council on Monday, November 25.

Councillors agreed the move following guidance from the Department for Communities and Local Government. Allowing filming of meetings is not mandatory but councillors recommended it on the grounds of transparency and openness.

Council leader, Cllr Peter Bedford, said any member of the public at a meeting would be able to ask not to be filmed. Councillors and officers would not be able to have that option.

The chairman of the meeting will have the discretion to allow filming or not and prior consent to film must be sought. The chairman will ensure procedure is followed so that filming does not disrupt the meeting.

Requests to film have to be made in writing, or by email, to the democratic services manager no later than five working days before the day of the meeting. Filming will only  be permitted from cameras on tripods set up in advance of the meeting in a location designated by the chairman.

Councillors and members of the public will be able to use personal computers, iPads, electronic notebooks, tablets or smart phones in silent mode  to post to social media, but not to record the meeting visually or by audio.