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Council website scores gold

Boston Borough Council has received a gold excellence award for its website content.

It was one of a handful of local authorities outside London to receive praise for information displayed about business rate relief.

A survey of 120 councils' small businesses rate relief information was carried out by chartered surveyors Bankier Sloan, of Oxfordshire.

They said that most council websites were poorly laid-out, out-of-date and inaccurate but awarded Boston Borough Council is gold award saying it was "correct information, well laid-out".

Cllr Raymond Singleton-McGuire, joint deputy leader and portfolio holder for finance, said: "Yet again recognition of the good work that this council continues to do."

It follows last year's star rating for the council's website from local government publication Air Quality Bulletin. It rated Boston Borough Council as "very good" and awarded it four stars out of a maximum five following its website review of 2012.

The website was noted for using "basic data, links and photographs to make a decent looking page with little cost".

The website also picked up three stars for the ease with which air quality information could be located. No other council in the region topped Boston's combined quality and ease of finding rating.