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DEFILED - DEPRAVED Would you clean this up?

Images connected with this article come with a warning: They show graphic scenes of the disgusting condition some have left Boston's public toilets in. If you do not have a strong stomach then do not look at them.

They are used to demonstrate that, despite the best efforts of council staff, some people persist in leaving visitors with the wrong impression; that public toilets in Boston are neglected and not maintained.

In fact Boston Borough Council's toilet-cleaning team do their best to keep all the public toilets in a presentable condition, aiming to visit each one five or six times a day, seven days a week.

These images show the Lincoln Lane toilets - inspected and cleaned on a weekday at 11am, but abused and filthy in the most depraved fashion by the time they called again at 1.15pm.

In one of the incidents someone had defecated in the gent's urinal trough - not only unsightly but also causing a blockage.

One of the cleaners said: "There was only one way to clean this and that was to put gloves on and remove the contamination by hand."

In another incident, also at Lincoln Lane, a toilet seat in one of the cubicles had been deliberately smeared with faeces.

The cleaner said: "We expect, on occasions, to have to do some nasty jobs. Toilets can get blocked, and that sort of thing. But this is deliberate and if I had to face it all the time I don't think I could carry on doing this job."

Cllr Derek Richmond, Boston Borough Council's portfolio holder for the town centre, said: "The Boston Standard recently made enquiries of the council following complaints it received from some readers about the condition of one of our public toilets. We want people to understand that the council does not neglect its duty so far as the public toilets are concerned - the council cleans the toilets, it doesn't mess them up.

This sort of behaviour is disgusting and totally unacceptable. There can be no excuse for it.

"I am sure there are not many who would choose to do the job that our toilet cleaning staff do - especially when they are faced with incidents such as these. They find having to deal with these types of things not only nauseating, but upsetting as they take a real pride in the work they do and the cleanliness of the toilets.

"The toilets are cleaned and disinfected and always left in a serviceable condition. Any issues beyond normal cleaning are dealt with as soon as possible after they are noticed at routine inspection or when reported to us. Unfortunately, despite all our cleaners' best efforts, there are still times, between visits, when people have left them in an unfit condition. One would hope they would not leave their own toilets in their own homes in such a state, and there has to be some sympathy for what the cleaners are sometimes faced with.

"We have recently spent around £99,000 on the toilets at Wide Bargate, Central Park and Lincoln Lane. They are functioning public toilets."

Calls to alert the council to unsatisfactory conditions at any of the council-run toilets can be made to 01205 314200.

‚óŹ WARNING: The link below will take you to graphic content that some may find disturbing. Do not view these images if you do not have a strong stomach