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Celebrate your flood resilience with us

Bateman's brew special ale in your honour

A year ago today large parts of Boston were inundated as sea water overwhelmed defences and flooded 830 properties.

It was, by any standards, a tragedy. Families were put out of their homes and lost most of their belongings just a few weeks before Christmas.

A year later many are only now settling back into their homes to enjoy the Christmas they were denied last year.

But what has shone through all the darkest days since the flood has been the resilience of the Boston community.

Stories are now legend of the help given by total strangers to those worst affected. Younger neighbours rescued older neighbours, some whose language differences meant they could not even talk to one another leant a hand and an entire social media community sprang up to help overnight.

The clean-up, dry-out, repair and resettlement continued for many months. Throughout the months volunteers have kept the effort going - raising funds, supplying carpets and furniture and white goods.

That amazing community resilience will be celebrated today with a special brew, Resilience Ale, from Bateman's Brewery, of Wainfleet, and an opportunity for many more to sign up for Environment Agency flood warnings and be better prepared should the worst ever happen again.

Resilience Ale will be launched by Boston Mayor, Cllr Alison Austin, in Bateman's Britannia Inn in Church Street today at 1.30pm. It was one of the worst-affected properties in the town centre on December 5 last year, but the day after the flood 120 volunteers turned up unannounced to help staff keep the pub open. The pub became the nerve centre for volunteer teams to help out at other flooded premises in Church Street and beyond.

Bateman's has teamed up with Boston Borough Council, East Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire County Council, the Environment Agency and the Boston Standard to celebrate the remarkable resilience of the town community.

Resilience Ale will go on offer from today at the special cost price of just £1.50 a pint. Customers will have to present a completed cut-out coupon from this week's Boston Standard, or from today's Boston Bulletin, to qualify for their cut-price pint of Resilience Ale at participating pubs. This will make a commitment to sign up for the Environment Agency flood warnings, which are issued at times of high risk via landline, mobile phone, text and email.

You can register for flood warnings by using the Floodline number 0345 988 1188 or the website

Resilience Ale will be available at £1.50 a pint, with a cut-out coupon at:

● Britannia, Church Street, Boston

● Carpenters Arms, Witham Street, Boston

● Coach and Horses, Main Ridge East, Boston

● Duke of York, 7 Lincoln Lane, Boston

● Indian Queen and Three Kings, Dolphin Lane, Boston

● Kings Arms, Horncastle Road, Boston

● Mill Inn, Spilsby Road, Boston

● Napoleon, Fishtoft Road, Boston

● Robin Hood, High Street, Boston

● Ship Tavern, Customs House Lane, Boston

See our flood warning commercial - to be screened at West End Cinema for a week from today