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Dealing with rent arrears

For many landlords (and tenants) rent and rent arrears are one of the most frequent areas for worry, problems and dispute. It is therefore something that the landlord must ensure that they follow the correct procedures however difficult that might be.

There could be a number of reasons that your tenant fails to pay their rent. These may include:

For landlords it is therefore important to have a structured approach or plan as to how to deal with rent arrears. The following suggests an approach but landlords are recommended to seek appropriate advice as allowing things to drift will make the situation increasingly difficult for all parties.

Remember to keep records of all correspondence and contact with the tenant. Also remember that you should call in advance of visiting your tenant regarding any arrears. Some landlords find themselves facing harassment proceedings for being too proactive.

Stick to the terms of the tenancy agreement and leave the enforcement to the courts; do not take matters into your own hands.

If you know your tenant is in receipt of housing benefit from Boston Borough Council you should contact the Revenues and Benefits Section at the Council to speak to them. You might be able to arrange direct payment of any housing benefit to you to stop the rent arrears increasing.