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Help us clean up the town

Four of the six people that Boston Borough Council wants to locate in this month's Name and Shame are men who environmental crime officers want to speak to in connection with incidents of urination in public.

The council is asking for the public's help to identify the men, whose images have been captured by the town's CCTV cameras.
The cameras have captured footage of four men urinating in areas of the town centre - three at night and in the early hours and one in  the middle of the day near the Len Medlock Centre, close to the town bus station.
Help is needed to identify two more who discarded cigarette ends.
Those caught deliberately dropping litter by the council's 68 CCTV cameras will be pursued and issued with a £75 fixed penalty notice or be taken to court. The campaign will also extend to cover those who do not clean up after their dogs. Litter also includes cigarette ends thrown to the ground, urination, defecation and spitting in the street.

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