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This could be your business launchpad

Many new businesses begin in a small way, often one man or woman enterprises operating out of a spare room at home. A solution is on offer to those on the road to success who have outgrown the spare room and the garage. Boston Enterprise Centre offers opportunities to take that next step and grow the business away from home.

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Manager Jason James outside the Boston Enterprise Centre. Find it at Venture House, Enterprise Way, Endeavour Park, Boston, PE21 7TW

The centre, in Enterprise Way on Endeavour Park, has options available to enable businesses to progress in small, affordable steps.

It could just be that you now need to separate home and work life, get away from domestic distractions and be able to present a truly professional front.

For as little as £20 a month, plus VAT, you can have a virtual office using the Enterprise Centre as your business and mailing address. For just £50 a month, plus VAT, you can also have your phone calls answered in your business name by the centre's professional reception staff and messages taken and forwarded.

Desk space within a shared office environment is available for £150 a month and a full office to accommodate three or four staff from £308. Larger self-contained offices are also available.

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The office of Cope Safety Management in the Boston Enterprise Centre

Centre manager Jason James explained that the centre aims to provide that first all-important step away from home for entrepreneurs.

"For some, their business may have outgrown space at home, or they need to get away from domestic distractions such as the washing machine, the kids and the dog. They may want to be able to present a more professional appearance - a business address, phone calls answered, especially if they are busy, or a place to meet clients and hold meetings - their living room may not be appropriate, or give the right first impression.

"Some people also like to separate home from work - to physically leave home to go to work for the day where they can concentrate fully on the business.

"We also support start-up and growing businesses enter the commercial rental market by offering reduced rents for a period of time."

The Boston Enterprise Centre was set up by Boston Borough Council in 2008 to encourage new business development.

The managed office space, ranging from 254 square feet to 760 square feet,  allows business owners to get on with what they do best - running their businesses - while centre staff deal with the meeting and greeting of visitors, setting up meeting rooms and the general management of the facility and grounds. Many new and smaller businesses do not have budget for such things in-house.

Tenants have round-the-clock access to their offices. There is car parking on the site, due to be extended this year, and the managing agent, Nurture Enterprises Ltd, are bringing in a faster broadband service for the benefit of tenants and other users of the building. Clients can just bring their own computer and mobile phone, plug in and go. There are meeting rooms for training and conferencing sessions, also available for hire by outside organisations. The modern complex also has shared kitchen space and a visiting sandwich and snacks van. Showers are also available for those who run or cycle to work.

Current resident businesses include those engaged in training, business support, and health and safety. They also include agricultural and horticultural businesses.

If you want to know more, or want a guided tour of the centre contact Jason on 01205 311645 or email him at


Enterprise Centre's newest business

One of Boston Borough Council's newest councillors is also the newest tenant at the Enterprise Centre.

Barrie Pierpoint is the managing director of Business Services Lincs Ltd, providing a full range of professional business and management support services to a wide range of businesses.

They have many years experience in working at senior management, managing director and chief executive levels.  For further information contact Business Services Lincs on 0844 225 3868 or visit their website:

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Barrie Pierpoint, right, receives the keys to his new office at Boston Enterprise Centre from Jason James.

Mr Pierpoint said: "Operating out of the Enterprise Centre made real sense to us because of its accessibility and modern feel. The centre's staff have done everything they can to deliver a truly outstanding service."