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Triple-use bins encourage recycling on the go

There are now three ways to get rid of your waste when you are out and about in Boston - and a new chance to recycle on the go.

Boston Borough Council was offered a three-month trial of two triple-use litter bins which were very successful.

The bins are now a permanent fixture on West Street near PC World and in the Market Place next to the Ingram Memorial.

The trial was a great success and with 70 per cent of the waste that goes into our on-street litter bins being recyclable this allows the council to send it for re-use.

Stickers have been applied to help people use the correct part of the bin for their rubbish which can include recyclable material, waste which cannot be recycled and cigarette ends.

3 part bin with Mrs Maud Staples and Ms Laura Bobek Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
Maud Staples, left, and Laura Bobek use one of the new recycling bins