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Council Tax Billing

We understand that as the new annual Council Tax bills are issued, you may need to contact us. To make this easier we have temporarily extended our normal operating hours for our Council Tax telephone lines until 7pm from Monday, 20 March to Thursday, 30 March **Monday - Friday only**

BTAC Empowering Healthy Communities Grant Scheme

£20,000 of funding has been made available to community groups and organisations in the BTAC area of Boston.

The BTAC Empowering Healthy Communities Grant Scheme is for community groups and organisations wanting to contribute directly to their town centre community and are looking for support with covid-19 recovery and to build future resilience following the impact of the pandemic.

The Scheme is operated using BTAC's Community Grants Policy with a scoring matrix based on the requirements of the Committee and the Empowering Healthy Communities Board and is consistent with BTAC's Terms of Reference; easy to understand; flexible; inclusive.  It includes a pre-assessment process with officers with only those applications scoring above a defined threshold to be considered by a Working Group of Members to make recommendations to the full committee.

Just like the existing small grant scheme groups and organisations can apply for funds of up to £1,000 contribution towards a large project or to fund a project in its entirety, whether it is for venue hire, to purchase small items of equipment, to cover insurance costs or to produce publicity materials.

However, any organisation wishing to apply for this funding must be able to make links to at least one of the aims as defined through the Empowering Healthy Communities Programme:

  • Build strong links in the community especially where covid-19 has impacted.
  • Increase understanding of local population needs.
  • Increase information and guidance to the community from Government and other official sources such as the NHS.
  • Build stronger relationships between communities.
  • Increase access to guidance and awareness of vaccination programme and other public health services.
  • Build trust in the community.