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Cost of Living

With significant rise in the cost of living we know that some households will be struggling financially, emotionally or because they need practical advice and help. Here is some key information on what support is available and how to access it. As new schemes, advice and support becomes available this page will be kept updated.


Information about health and fitness classes at Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex

We offer various group exercise classes on a set weekly timetable.

Our classes are great for those who want that extra motivational push and enjoy group exercise.

All classes are taught by fully qualified instructors.

Class Descriptions

Aerobics (including 50 plus)

The original exercise to music workout. A progressive routine to up tempo music will keep you on your toes. Great for your heart and lungs plus burning off those extra calories.

Aqua-fit (including 50 plus)

A low impact water-based class will improve your fitness and tone those wobbly bits. Suitable for non-swimmers.

Body conditioning

A variety of all-over body exercises using your own body weight/free weights/stability balls will help tone and strengthen your body and core muscles.

Boot Camp

Looking for a challenging but fun workout? Boot Camp is the class for you. With various exercises which will work the majority of your muscles - this class will bring results - burn calories - tone and shape!


This class is designed to build on your own fitness whilst also incorporating a variety of drills and exercises relevant to the Boxing profession. Also includes partner work and shadow boxing.

50 plus circuits

Working at your own pace the various exercise "stations" will give you an all over body workout to keep you fit and healthy


A fast paced class based on various" exercise stations" getting a total body workout.


Get your glow sticks ready and join in this fun class! Simple dance routines to club tracks from the 90's to the latest chart hits. Strobe lighting is used in this class.


High Intensity Interval Training works by short blasts of high energy exercises with active rest in between each exercise. This class will help you tone up, burn lots of calories and improve your overall fitness. This class is not suitable for absolute beginners to exercise.

Legs, bums and tums

Just as the name suggests. A workout to target those troublesome areas. Tone and sculpt your body into the shape you want.


A combination of Yoga and Pilates will help to improve your core strength through a combination of exercises.

Broadway Boogie

This is a choreographed dance class which enables you to dance along to all your favourite musicals whilst also burning calories. Strobe lighting is used in this class.

Studio Cycle

A fitness class delivered on Spin Cycles. A fast paced class made different through sprints, hill climbs and other tempo based movements. Strobe lighting is used in this class.

Woman's Defence Class

A Personal Safety Class funded to help develop the defensive skills amongst woman who may feel vulnerable. This includes regular partner work to get maximum benefit from the class.

Fitness Pilates

This class uses a range of equipment at a lower intensity to assist with day to day mobility in order to assist with making everyday tasks easier to complete. This also includes a range of stretching.

Step and Tone

This class incorporates the use of a fitness Step. This class is similar to Total Tone in this sense it hopes to achieve an all-round workout. It does however have particular focus to the use of a step.

Contact details

Telephone : 01205 363483

Address : Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex, Rowley Road. Boston. Lincolnshire. PE21 6JE

Email : Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex

The latest timetables are available on the online booking system.