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Council Tax Billing

We understand that as the new annual Council Tax bills are issued, you may need to contact us. To make this easier we have temporarily extended our normal operating hours for our Council Tax telephone lines until 7pm from Monday, 20 March to Thursday, 30 March **Monday - Friday only**

Gym membership terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for membership of Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex Gym

You agree to comply with the terms and conditions of Membership and rules that are displayed in the complex and relate to opening hours, timetables, use of facilities, Covid-19 guidance, your conduct and follow instructions from staff.

To the best of your knowledge and belief you are in good health and not knowingly incapable of engaging in either active or passive exercise and that such exercise would not be detrimental to your health, safety, comfort, wellbeing or physical condition. Further, that you will advise us immediately should your circumstances change.


  1. Boston Borough Council does not accept any form of threatening or abusive behaviour towards other members or its staff.
  2. Please inform us of any change of circumstances. All members will be required to update their health screening form and contact details annually.
  3. Memberships are personal and cannot be transferred or sold to another person.
  4. Upon joining you will be issued with a membership card, you must present this each time you wish to visit the complex. You may purchase a membership wrist band which will replace your membership card. If you do not bring your active membership card /wrist band you will not be able to use the facilities.
  5. Lost cards/wrist bands will be replaced at cost.
  6. Anyone found to be "lending" their membership card to other persons may have their membership withdrawn without refund.
  7. A photograph will be taken of you upon joining and will be saved to your membership file. This is added security to prevent other persons from using your membership, and to assist in identifying you in an emergency situation.
  8. Please arrive in good time for classes/appointments. If you are late arriving for your appointment we will try to accommodate your booked slot but this cannot be guaranteed. If you are late arriving for a fitness class you will not be able to take part.
  9. Discounted packages require proof of eligibility and are checked regularly.
  10. To remain on a corporate membership you must still be employed at the eligible company/ organisation and there must be a minimum of four active members. If less than four you will be contacted to explain your package will change to the adult activity pass.
  11. Photograph/filming of any other persons without their explicit consent within the centre is prohibited.
  12. Once children turn 16 years of age they can transfer their activity pass to an adult gym membership and will not have to pay a joining fee, activity pass must be active to receive this offer.

Closedown or reduced opening

  1. At certain times throughout the year; public holidays and Christmas we operate reduced opening hours. These will be displayed prominently in the reception areas, on social media and our website.
  2. Maintenance is carried out throughout the year with little disruption to service; however for major renovation, close down periods will be needed and may affect the level of service offered. We aim to provide as much of the service as possible while works are active; however it is inevitable that service will be limited and at certain times be closed. During such works we will allow you to take a payment holiday on your membership for no additional cost.

Gym, fitness classes, health area and swimming pool

  1. You must be in appropriate leisure wear/footwear to use the gym/studio (no jeans, no open toed shoes/slip on shoes)
  2. Plastic bottles/drink bottles are only permitted into the gym , studio, health area and swimming pool - no open cups/no hot drinks. No glass, no porcelain cups/mugs, no alcohol to be brought into the complex.

Gym, Swim, Classes, Relax

  1. The health area (sauna, steam room, spa pool and leisure pool) is only accessible to those people using this area, that is to say, no clothed personnel permitted in this area.
  2. Suitable swimwear; swimming costume, trunks, swim shorts (above the knee) must be worn at all times in the health area and swimming pool.
  3. While we appreciate mobile phones are part of everyday life, we ask that you do not use mobiles in the studio/health/relaxation area. Mobile phones can be taken in the gym for their use of music only - please refrain from having conversations whilst in the gym.
  4. Class timetables are reviewed regularly and is subject to change. Notices will be displayed in prominent places around the centre, and on our website. Gym Inductions
  5. All persons wishing to use either the junior or adult gym must have an induction. After your induction, if you join within 30 days the induction fee will be deducted off you pro-rota payment/upfront membership fee or your first direct debit payment. Direct Debits
  6. Direct Debit memberships are on-going with no tied-in contracts.
  7. A pro-rota payment is required upon joining that will take you up to the monthly direct debit collection date of the 1st of the month.
  8. If your direct debit fails, we will contact you to advise you of this. You will need to re-set up your direct debit with us and you will incur a £5 administration charge. You have 30 days to re-set up your membership with us, after this the joining fee will also become payable.
  9. A Payment break is permitted to be made to your direct debit. We require 14 days written notification. Payment break can only be done per payment, that is to say, one month break minimum. Maximum of one month's payment break per year.
  10. Membership categories can be changed - you may need to pay a small increment at the time of changing category.
  11. A minimum of 14 days written notification is required to make any changes to your Direct Debit, including cancellation. An instruction form can be completed at reception or an email is acceptable for cancellation of Direct Debits.
  12. All Direct Debit forms/instructions must be completed by the bank account holder - not the membership holder.
  13. Once a direct debit is cancelled the contract is terminated. To re-join you will need to complete all relevant forms and pay the joining fee/pro-rota payment.
  14. Once your details are removed from our system you will need to undergo a full induction and complete all relevant forms to re-join/use facilities. Cash memberships
  15. All above general terms apply to cash memberships.
  16. 12 month memberships receive 13 months membership (for the price of 12) and also receive free joining fee. The one month free is given at the end of the 12 month period. This membership offer is not open to Boston Borough Council staff/Boston College staff and students, Boston schools or corporate memberships
  17. The joining fee is not payable if you renew within 30days of your membership ending. Cancellation policy
  18. A minimum of 14 days written notification is required to make any changes to your Direct Debit, including cancellation. An instruction form can be completed at reception or an email is acceptable for cancellation of Direct Debits.
  19. In exceptional circumstances such as injury/ill health, the management (at its sole discretion) may agree to suspend membership with medical documentation.
  20. Refund for an advanced paid member will be dependent on the circumstances and at the discretion of the leisure centre principle officer.
  21. Pay per visit sessions/induction fee are paid in advance. To transfer the payment to your next visit you will need to notify us by 7.30am for bookings before noon or by 10am for bookings at noon or after.
  22. Personal training sessions require 24 hours' notice in advance for cancellation to be eligible for a refund or transfer.