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Late council tax change: Still time to have your say

A change on Monday by central Government raised the cap on council tax increases before a public referendum is required.

Boston Borough Council's Cabinet originally recommended a council tax increase of 1.98 per cent (an extra 6p a week for an average band D property) on its part of the bill.

Cabinet will now consider, at its meeting on Wednesday, February 24, raising the council tax increase to 2.9 per cent - a total of 9p extra per week for an average band D property - most properties in Boston will pay less than this. Planned increases above this level would require the council to hold a referendum. 

Figures issued by central Government show that it anticipates that all councils will take advantage of the ability to raise more funds through council tax before they have to get public agreement through a referendum.

The full council meets on Monday, February 29 to set the council tax.

You can still give the council your comments on council tax and the budget proposals by going to budget consultation 2016/17

Closing date for consultation is Friday, February 12.