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We need your help to tackle fraud

We want everyone, including Lincolnshire's residents, to be aware of the possibility of fraud and we want you to feel confident to report your concerns. 

Our counter fraud policies apply to:

  • all council employees and councillors
  • staff and committee members of Council funded voluntary organisations
  • council partners
  • council suppliers, contractors and consultants

What is fraud?

Fraud is a crime

Fraud is a crime and involves a deception which is deliberate and intended to obtain a direct or indirect personal gain - goods, services or money for example:

  • false expenses
  • exaggerated pay claims
  • bogus invoices
  • forged cheques
  • fixing tender results
  • altering accounting records
  • fake grant applications
  • false claims for housing or council tax benefits


Corruption is the deliberate misuse of your position for personal gain - money, services or property.

This usually involves offering, giving, seeking or accepting a bribe or reward which influences your actions or someone else's.


Theft is where someone steals cash or property belonging to someone else, with no intention of returning it.

Countywide approach to tackling fraud

Lincolnshire councils are working together to fight fraud County and district councils have joined forces to tackle fraud in Lincolnshire.

We will not tolerate abuse of our services and we want you to help us in the fight against fraud.

We aim to:

  • Reduce fraud against Lincolnshire councils to an absolute minimum and keep it at that level
  • Protect our valuable resources by making sure they are only used to provide local services
  • Create a counter fraud culture of zero tolerance

Lincolnshire councils will:

  • work together to uncover fraud
  • investigate all cases of suspected fraud
  • pursue criminal prosecution and/or disciplinary action and will recover all losses
  • improve systems and reduce the chance of someone committing fraud against Lincolnshire's councils

How you can help:


  • Record your suspicions - write down what you've found, seen or heard
  • Keep any evidence in a safe place until you can pass it to a Council investigator unless you risk alerting the suspect
  • Tell us who you are - we will want to talk to you as you may know more than you think
  • Keep calm


  • Delay - report immediately
  • Approach or accuse individuals - you may alert them and evidence may be destroyed
  • Tell anyone else - you don't know who may be involved
  • Investigate yourself - you may spoil the evidence and prevent a criminal prosecution

How do I report my fraud concerns?

If you genuinely believe that someone is committing fraud you should immediately report your suspicions.

Lincolnshire councils now have one confidential hotline.

Telephone: 0800 0853716

Email: Whistleblowing

In writing:
Lincolnshire Local Authorities
PO Box 640

Any suspicion of fraud you report using this hotline will be treated with discretion and in confidence.

You can report anonymously. However, it greatly helps our investigations if you give us your details.

Thank you for helping us to protect the public purse.