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Boston rogue landlords initiative praised by Minister

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis has praised Boston Borough Council as "a good council looking to do the right thing by its local residents".

His comments came at Monday's Department for Communities and Local Government question session when he was speaking about how councils are tackling rogue landlords.

Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman pointed out that some of the worst landlords have been prosecuted by the borough council as part of its rogue landlords initiative.

The council's teams inspected 420 properties between February 1 last year and January 31 this year and issued 471 enforcement notices, some of which required landlords to improve their properties.

Five landlords were successfully prosecuted and dozens had formal enforcement action taken against them.

Scores of properties have been improved over the same period through both informal action and working with landlords and letting agents.

The council has recently been awarded an additional £74,000 by Government to continue funding the rogue landlords work which seeks to improve conditions in properties in the private-rented sector in Boston.

Mr Lewis said Boston Borough Council was "an example of a good council looking to do the right thing by its local residents by ensuring that they are well protected and well served, using the extra funding that we have put in. In addition, local authorities will be able to impose the new £30,000 civil fines when the Housing and Planning Bill gets Royal Assent."