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Don't lose your vote in 2016

Letters will soon be dropping through letterboxes across the borough giving details of people who are currently registered to vote at that address.

If the information contained in the letter is all correct you do not need to take any further action. However, if people need to be added you can register online at or call the Electoral Services Office on 01205 314220 / 314221 to obtain registration forms.

If some or all of the people listed no longer live at the address contact the Electoral Services Office on the above numbers to update the information.

An election for a Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire is to be held on Thursday, May 5, and the EU Referendum has been called for Thursday, June 23. To be able to vote your name needs to be on the electoral register and some people may not realise that they have to register every year. Just because you pay council tax does not automatically mean you are registered to vote.

The register is also used by credit referencing agencies and if you are not registered you may experience difficulties in obtaining credit, a mortgage or even a mobile phone contract.

For more information contact your local Electoral Registration Officer on 01205 314220 / 314221 or e-mail