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STOP Child Sexual Exploitation

Today (Wednesday, March 16) sees the launch of the countywide STOP Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) campaign.

But CSE happens anytime to anyone by anyone. One of the main campaign messages is there is no typical victim or perpetrator of sexual exploitation. The abuse takes many forms and can take place in a variety of settings. Both boys and girls are vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

One of the main messages of the campaign is that things are not always what that they seem and that the other side of the conversation could be anyone.

Parents and carers are being especially reminded of the online risks children can face. In Lincolnshire 60 per cent of identified child sexual exploitation started online

Some can be groomed online by someone posing as a boyfriend and will use the internet to hide certain characteristics such as their age or sex.

As well as online, children and young people can be groomed in a variety of ways and in a variety of places - such as parks, arcades, shopping centres and fast food outlets.

Parents should try to maintain a positive and open relationship with their child - during the grooming process offenders will often try to isolate them from their usual friends and family networks.

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