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Boston Youth Council

Project to promote cultural integrity

This is the first in a quarterly feature from Boston Youth Council. Members of the council, who are aged 11 to 18, will produce this regular news item about their activities.

Boston Youth Council (BYC) aims to encourage communication between young people and Government as a platform for young people to have their voice heard. It is through this that we help to raise the profile of young people in a positive way.

As part of BYC, we meet with various groups, organisations and individuals; assessing how we can help and then undertaking self-organised projects which aim to assist in the community and make the Borough of Boston a better place.

BYC promotes and encourages activities, events and opportunities for young people from the Borough of Boston. Moreover, we prioritise the needs of young people in the area and exist as a platform to raise awareness of the issues affecting young people and furthermore to be a platform for consultation.

We meet at least once a month and discuss various issues and how to resolve them in a committee-style environment.

Anyone from the ages of 11 to 18 is welcome to apply to join the council. We are a friendly, multicultural team and are always looking for likeminded individuals from the borough (or if you attend a school in the Boston area) to join our ranks.

If you would like to contact the Boston Youth Council direct then please email them at

l The youth council is engaged in a project called Educate and Integrate which we believe will bring the community of Boston closer together.

It involves conversing with the many cultures within Boston and supporting them in having their voices heard; through the platform that we provide. Through this we hope that people will become more educated about other cultures and be more accepting.

Hopefully this will allow for better cultural integration in Boston. We are promoting Unity in the Community and are committed to helping the Borough of Boston in any way that we can.

This project links in with the Youth Parliament Don't Hate, Educate campaign which has been developed as a result of the increase in race-related hate crimes in England and Wales and aims to challenge negative attitudes around race and religion.