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Solved by CCTV... in hours

High-quality CCTV images have led to a woman who tore flowers from a Market Place planter making a full public admission within hours of the pictures being released by Boston Borough Council.

The woman admitted on social media causing the damage when under the influence of drink saying she was "utterly ashamed".

She was praised on Facebook for owning up. Surprise was also expressed at how clear the CCTV images were.

Boston Borough Council and Boston Police had appealed for her to be identified so they could speak to her in connection with an incident in which flowers were torn from a planter near Boots in the Market Place in the early hours of Friday.

The woman will attend an interview with police and be shown the CCTV footage.

There has been a spate of wanton vandalism in which plants have been ripped out and damaged. The plants have been planted by volunteers, some have grown them from seed and nurtured them, and some have been sponsored by local businesses. They are part of efforts by the Boston In Bloom team to make the town nicer for everyone.

The council's CCTV system has captured clear images of several acts of such vandalism. Teenagers caught in the act will be seen and dealt with under anti-social behaviour legislation.

Cllr Claire Rylott, Boston Borough Council's portfolio holder for grounds and open spaces, said: "Unfortunately there have been some recent incidents of wanton vandalism, with plants being ripped out. This type of crime makes no sense and will not be tolerated. Please respect the efforts of others who care to provide beauty. And please report anyone you see causing damage.

"I am so supportive of all the hardworking staff and volunteers who bring colour into our market town. Another 20 or so businesses have got on board this year, with 90 hanging baskets ordered and I don't want them to be dispirited.

"This is very frustrating but we, with our CCTV system, and the police will continue to keep watch and pursue all responsible for such despicable behaviour."

Boston's Community Police Inspector Andy Morrice said: "I loathe wanton damage, as there's just no reason for it. To me, if the town looks smart, people start to take pride in it, and crime starts to go down."

Cllr Paul Skinner, Boston Borough Council's portfolio holder for community safety, said: "There has been some comment on social media criticising the use of CCTV in this instance - some believing it to be too paltry a crime to warrant such action. The cameras fulfil a number of different uses - from crime detection and prevention to ensuring the safety of vulnerable people. If a crime is detected and recorded - little or large - the council would be failing in its public duty if it then chose not to take some action."

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