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Clever crossing for busy road

A new intelligent crossing for a busy Boston road will detect walking speeds to give pedestrians more time to cross safely.

The Puffin system will also ensure that the lights change more efficiently in response to traffic flows.

The crossing will have its sequences controlled by sensors mounted on the lights, rather than a timer. These sensors can detect whether any pedestrians are on the crossing and control the colour of the lights accordingly. Once the control button has been pressed, the lights will only change back to green once the crossing is clear. A Puffin crossing doesn't have a flashing amber phase; you have to wait until the lights turn green before you move off.

The new traffic signals are to be installed by Lincolnshire County Council at the Fydell Street/Carlton Road junction, with works due to start on Monday, August 8.

The existing traffic signals at the junction have reached the end of their working life and will be replaced with new equipment.

The new signals will use extra low-voltage LED technology which is more energy efficient and emits reduced carbon dioxide. It also requires less annual maintenance so ongoing running costs will be lower.

The works are expected to last for four weeks and will be carried out using temporary traffic signals and pedestrian crossings, to keep disruption for drivers and pedestrians to a minimum.

Carlton Road North and South will be closed at the junction with Fydell Street and Argyle Street throughout the works. Diversion signs will be in place and access only will be allowed for residents.