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Alcohol Awareness

The BBQ season is in full swing and many of us like to accompany it with a glass or two of our favourite tipple.

It's easy to let those units and calories sneak up on us but with the new One You Drinks Tracker phone app, help is on hand to manage this.

In order to maintain good health the government recommends consuming no more than 14 units per week and to include some alcohol free days to allow the liver time to recover. Units differ according to the size of the drink and varying alcohol content of different beers, wines and spirits. Often units of alcohol are shown on bottles or cans.

Reducing your alcohol intake can help you in the following ways :

-          Reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer

-          Reduce your risk of having an accident

-          Allow your liver to be more able to recover and repair damage

-          Save you money

-          Increase your energy levels and concentration

-          Reduce the risk of you embarrassing yourself or upsetting friends & family

For more information please visit our Alcohol Awareness page and related links to the right of this page and take time to read the briefing sheet below.


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