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"NO SMOKING in our playground"

"NO SMOKING in our playground" - by order of us kids! That's the message to grown-ups from children at Boston Pioneers and St George's primary schools.

Two more no smoking signs designed by school children have been installed at St John's and Garfits Lane play areas. This follows on from the public consultation, held in 2013 where Boston residents identified the main benefits of smoke-free play areas to be children's health, safer environment, discouraging smoking and less tobacco litter.

Children took part in competitions to produce poster designs and the winning entries were from Amelia (6) from Boston Pioneers Free School Academy and Jaime (10) from St George's Preparatory School.

Smoke-free play areas is a national initiative, which Boston has piloted in Lincolnshire. With the support of Smokefree Lincolnshire, there are now ten smoke-free play areas in the Boston town area. The focus is on protecting children in their play environments and allowing them to play in a smoke-free area. A request, asking people to voluntarily refrain from smoking, only applies to enclosed play areas and covers sites managed by both the borough council and Boston Mayflower.

Stopping smoking in family-friendly areas will support the de-normalisation of smoking as well as reducing the risk of exposure to second-hand smoke. It will also reduce smoking-related litter. Cigarette butts are toxic and can take up to 12 years to biodegrade, posing a danger to animals and children who may ingest them.

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Children from St George's Preparatory School joined Jaime to see her winning design on display in Garfits play area.

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Jaime, (10) with Frances Taylor, Boston Borough Council's Play and physical activity officer and Amelia, (6) with her winning design in St John's play area.