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Park all day for £2

Motorists are missing out on one of the best deals in Boston - all-day Monday to Saturday parking for only £2 just two or three minutes' walking distance from the town centre.

Sundays offer an even better deal - £1.20 from 8am to 6pm for a bargain basement £1.20.

Other cash-saving longer-term charges for the Tunnard Street car park are £8 for a round-the-clock five-day stay and £10 for seven-day stay.

There are 145 parking spaces at this car park, and it's just a few minutes' walk from the Market Place - Tunnard Street (photo 1), Red Lion Street (photo 2), past Tates fish shop on the right and Argos on the left to the junction with Strait Bargate (photo 3), turn right and there's the Market Place in front of you (photo 4).

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