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Council in lowest ten for Ombudsman complaints

Boston Borough Council is among a small group of councils who have the fewest number of complaints referred to the Local Government Ombudsman, latest figures reveal.

The council had no complaints made against it to the Local Government Ombudsman upheld in 2015/16.

The borough council scored equal tenth out of 132 in a league table of total complaints - there are 364 authorities included but many tallied the same. A total of nine incidents concerning the borough council were reported to the Ombudsman and none were upheld.

Two were referred back for local resolution and two were not upheld. Five were closed after initial enquiries by the Ombudsman's office and the council scored a 100 per cent compliance rate.

Birmingham City Council had the biggest number of complaints made against it at 527.

The LGO's annual review of local government complaints shows that it upheld 51 per cent of detailed investigations in 2015/16 - up from 46 per cent the previous year.

The LGO received 19,702 complaints and enquiries about local authorities for the year ending March 31, 2016, which is a similar level to the previous year.

It made 3,529 recommendations to remedy injustice in total. These include 633 recommendations to prevent injustice for the wider public, such as through procedural changes and local authority staff training. There were also 255 investigations where the LGO agreed the local authority had satisfactorily remedied the injustice before the LGO became involved in the complaint.

Boston Borough Council's Leader, Cllr Peter Bedford, said: "While it is gratifying to receive such a positive outcome in the Local Government Ombudsman's annual report, we do value all the complaints we receive as opportunities for improvement."