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Business boost for Ingelow Urban Meadow

Another town business has stepped up to the mark to help make Boston "bloomin' well bloomier" and challenged others to do the same.

Barrie Pierpoint, a Boston Borough Councillor who runs Business Services Lincs Ltd, has sponsored ongoing development of the rural meadow near the Haven Bridge with a £250 donation.

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Barrie Pierpoint hands over his £250 Boston-in-Bloom donation to Alison Fairman, left, and Cllr Claire Rylott, portfolio holder for grounds and open spaces

He said: "It's a cliché, but true - first impressions are so important; and it's important for all of us who do business in Boston that we help make the town appear as attractive and welcoming as we can.

"I am so impressed with the good work that Boston in Bloom does, almost all of it undertaken by volunteers. As a businessman I am always concerned about receiving value for money, and I know that any donations made to the in-bloom team will achieve that. They really do make every penny count."

The meadow, named Ingelow Urban Meadow after Boston's famous Victorian poet and novelist Jean Ingelow who grew up near the site, has been developed on a difficult piece of waste ground alongside John Adams Way near the Haven Bridge. Volunteers sifted it for rubble and other rubbish in 2015 before seeding it with wild meadow flowers and planting silver birch trees

Earlier this year about a dozen volunteers turned out to shift ten tonnes of top soil in just an hour-and-a-half to help raise some low spots in the urban wild flower meadow.

It provided a riot of wild colour by the time the in-bloom judges from the Royal Horticultural Society appeared last summer, when Boston received its first gold award, and it was on the judging route again this year. The display lasts until early December.

The plan now is to raise some areas with a further 90 tonnes of soil, again provided free of charge by Vere Bros (Contractors) of Boston, and re-seed with a mixture of urban annuals and native annuals to encourage pollinating insects. This will provide a better view for motorists waiting at the traffic lights. Higher areas, already close to the road, will be left as they have naturally re-seeded from last year.

Alison Fairman, chairman of Boston in Bloom, said: "As volunteers we are pleased to give of our time, effort and expertise and so are grateful for all assistance we receive to help oil those cogs. Several businesses have come forward with generous donations, Barrie's being the latest, and we would be delighted to hear of more who want to become involved in any way, large or small."

If you can help please contact Alison on 01205 360743.

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Barrie Pierpoint with the new sign at the newly-named Ingelow Urban Meadow