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Frequently asked questions in waste disposal and recycling:

How do I get rid of a dead animal in my garden?

We do not collect dead animals from private households.

Suitably wrapped you can place the animal in your residual refuse bin (green bin). If you are not happy disposing of the animal yourself, you would need to contact a private contractor; names can be found in the Yellow Pages or Thomson directory.
However if you suspect the animal has died of a notifiable disease, you will have to report the animal to DEFRA or the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

How do I apply for an additional green or blue wheeled bin?

If there are six or more people in your household and you are producing extra waste alongside your green and blue bins on every collection day, please email or call the Customer Service Team on 01205 314200.

We only give out extra green wheeled bins if necessary, so we will get in touch with you if you meet the requirements. We try to encourage recycling as much as we can so if you recycle a lot more than a standard bin will take, we will be happy to give you an extra blue wheeled bin.

Will you take side waste with each of my bins?

Green: We will take up to 4 black sacks alongside your green bin.
Blue: We try to encourage recycling as much as we can, so any blue or clear sacks that you put alongside your blue bin, we will be happy to collect.
Brown: Unfortunately, we do not take any side waste with your brown bin. This needs to be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre, Bittern Way, Boston PE21 7RQ or you need to purchase and pay for an additional brown bin collection.  

Tip: If you are having a party and know that you will be having lots of extra rubbish, it is best to inform the Council via email at or via telephone on 01205 314200 so that we can make the refuse team aware extra rubbish will need to be collected.

Where can I get black/blue sacks from?

We will only issue black sacks to customers who do not have green bins. Blue sacks will be issued to any customer who needs additional side waste but they must not be placed inside the blue bin as it will not be collected. Bags will only be issued to customers who contact us to advise they do not have green or blue bins, these bags are available at Municipal Buildings reception on West Street.

Blue recycling bags are available to customers for occasional additional side waste but these are not to be placed inside the blue bins.  These are free to collect from main reception at Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston Monday to Thursday from 8.45am to 5.15pm and 8.45am to 4.45pm on Friday.

Can I put black sacks or any other bags in my blue wheeled bin?

No. Black sacks can only be placed into your green wheeled bin. In addition we do not accept any carrier bags in your blue bin and ask people to put all recyclables in loose. Any blue bins with bags inside will not be collected as they will be classed as contaminated. If you have additional recycling side waste you can pick up some recycling bags free from the Council at the Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston. These can then be placed alongside your blue bin.

I can't wheel my bin to the kerbside due to being elderly and/or infirm, what should I do?

We can offer and provide you with an assisted collection service where our refuse team can collect your bin from somewhere deemed suitable to you and return the bin to the same place once it has been emptied. If you would like to receive this service, please call out Customer Service Team on 01205 314200.

Please note: We will not collect bins that are behind locked gates, the gate will have to be unlocked for us to access the bin.

I have witnessed a fly tip/littering/dog fouling offence, how do I report this?

If you are happy to formally report what you have seen, please click on the following link Report It

I want to report a fly tip, but I have no details of the offender?

Please call our Customer Service Team on 01205 314200 to report the fly tip. Our fly tipping team will go out and clear the items within 5 working days.

I have just moved into the Borough, how do I find out when my bin collection days are?

Please click on the following link, type in your postcode for your area and it will show you your bin collection days Find your bin day

My bin hasn't been emptied, who do I need to speak to?

Was your bin presented by 5.30am? Have your neighbours' bins been emptied?

If you have answered yes, please contact the Customer Service Team on 01205 314200 and a member of staff will be able to inform you a reason as to why your bin has been missed. If you dispute the reason we have provided you, we have a CCTV in-cab system installed in our refuse vehicles which we monitor. We can look back on CCTV from 30 days and requests will be dealt within 3 working days.

My wheeled bin has been broken, how do I get it replaced and do I have to pay?

If any of your wheeled bins (blue, green or brown) become damaged via the collection process, we will repair or replace them for you free of charge, as soon as is reasonably practical (we have in-cab CCTV monitors to check if bins have been damaged via the collection process).

All brown wheeled bins are your own responsibility and if the bin is damaged through neglect or misuse e.g. too heavy or due to age, the cost of repair or replacement will be chargeable to you at £25. If your brown bin is damaged, please email to report it or call 01205 314200.

Any damaged blue or green bins will be replaced by ourselves. Please call 01205 314200 to report this or email with your address and the colour of the bin that has been broken and we will add you to our bin delivery list. Please ensure you leave your bin presented so that we can remove it and replace with a new one.

What time is the tip open?

The Household Waste Recycling Centre, Bittern Way, Boston PE21 7QR is open from 9am to 4pm daily.

For further enquiries, please call Environmental Services at Lincolnshire County Council on 01522 782070 as the tip is operated on behalf of County Council.

I have noticed an overflowing litter/dog fouling bin, how do I report this?

Please email us at with the location of the litter/dog fouling bin and we will have it emptied as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call the Customer Service Team to report it on 01205 314200.