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Thanks to hundreds concerned about future development

More than 600 comments from the public have been received as part of work on a blueprint for the future of development in Boston borough and South Holland.

The latest South East Lincolnshire Local Plan public consultation closed recently and the comments are now on the system ready for the decision-making stages.

All those who took the time to look at the detail and submit their observations have been thanked.

One reason for such a good response has been put down to a specially-constructed online consultation facility.

Internet-based consultation systems have been available for a number of years and are very costly to buy, install and maintain. So, in these times when finances are very tight the Local Plan's team in Boston asked the borough council's IT section to build its own system.  The consultation system works alongside the Local Plan website - - and it is open when a public consultation is running. The public can not only register and make comment to the documents themselves but can also see the other comments made.  

A lot of comments were still made through emails and on paper but more and more are looking at the information online and using the consultation IT tool.

Comments should be relevant to planning issues, not personal or likely to cause offence and, if you are serious about having your comments considered and responded to, attributable to a real person.

Keep checking progress on the web site for more involvement in a few months.