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100 tonnes of muck - a perfect present

A huge pile of muck may not sound like much of a gift to get excited about - but when you're a Boston in Bloomer a 100-tonne pile placed in just the right location signals a red-letter day.

The 100-tonne present has come from Vere Bros (Contractors) of Boston and was delivered free of charge to the site alongside the Haven Bridge where an urban meadow flourished earlier this year.

The Ingelow Urban Meadow first saw a derelict patch transformed two years ago and a stand of silver birch trees planted alongside its boundary with Chalky car park has rooted and is growing well.

The aim now is to raise low-lying areas of the meadow alongside the bridge to afford a better view for motorists queued waiting for the lights to change. Measures will also be taken to control the coarse grasses and perennial weeds which have competed with the planting.

A perennial meadow is planned for the central part of the site, with the border areas maintained as patches of brightly-coloured native and non-native annuals to attract bees and other pollinating insects.

Alison Fairman, chairman of Boston in Bloom, said: "Vere Bros have been tremendous supporters of the campaign to make Boston look brighter and better. They had delivered soil to this site previously, and we are so very grateful for this latest delivery of 100 tonnes. Now we need to set to work to make sure it looks a picture next summer when we will be going for our third gold medal."

The generous donation follows sponsorship of the meadow by Barrie Pierpoint, managing director of Business Services Ltd.

The meadow project is being developed by Boston Borough Council and Boston in Bloom, with the support of Boston Big Local.