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Local Democracy Week 2016

Boston Borough Council welcomed over 140 pupils and students from schools and colleges in the Borough who got involved with Local Democracy Week through a series of events aimed at raising their awareness of how democracy works.

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Primary school pupils aged six to 11 learned about the history of the council, how council meetings are conducted, the value of voting, the role of being Mayor and they heard many interesting facts about Boston and the meaning of the Regalia which was delivered by the Mayor's Officers. This was followed by a tour around our CCTV suite.

A pupil from Boston West Academy said the best thing he learned was the fact that CCTV had 200 cameras to keep everyone safe.

Pupils were asked to make a vote, which was based on the council's corporate priorities.  They were asked to choose which was most important to them and the area they live in, building houses and making jobs for their family, looking after people, making a safe and nice place to live or people working hard to make things better. The winning vote with 45% of the votes was making a safe and nice place to live. 

Pupils were also asked to draw a picture of their favourite item from the Regalia for a competition to be judged by the Mayor of Boston, who will attend the school in full mayoral robes and chain to present a certificate to the winner.

Leaner mentor, Sue Thorpe from Wrangle Primary School said: "The pupils enjoyed the experience and atmosphere of the Council Chamber and trying on of the mayoral robes and learning about the regalia and the history of the town by the Mayor's officer. They particularly enjoyed viewing the streets of Boston being monitored in the CCTV suite. Taking part in the voting process was a great opportunity for them.  The whole experience gave a valuable insight into the workings of local democracy."

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From left: Sue Thorpe (Learning Mentor), Faith Dale (9), Trent Newbury (10) (Mayor for the Afternoon), Caitlin Dickins (9)

Law students from Boston College attended a meeting of the Planning Committee.  Prior to the meeting, they were given a briefing from the development control manager and the monitoring officer in which they were supplied with an agenda to enable them to follow what is being discussed in the meeting.

On Friday Boston Youth Council met with Cabinet members and MP Matt Warman, where members of the Youth Council presented their Educate and Integrate Project, based on the Don't Hate: Educate campaign launched by UK Youth Parliament, which involved research into our diverse communities and faith groups in Boston and raising awareness in schools.  This was followed by a Q&A session on any issues the Youth Council wished to raise.

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Kieran Brown from Wyberton Primary School is shown the Regalia by the Mayor's Officer, Andy Lamming