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TV celeb's Rickshaw Challenge coming through Boston

Matt Baker and the BBC's One Show Rickshaw Challenge - now an annual fixture in aid of Children In Need - will come through Boston on Wednesday, November 16.

Boston Borough Council intervened to persuade the marathon east coast cycle ride organisers to divert from their original course along John Adams Way to the London Road roundabout so that Matt and his support team come through the Market Place to meet more people.

The course will now see the team arrive in Boston between 10am and 11am  from Skegness  along Freiston Road/Vauxhall Road/Main Ridge East and then along John Adams Way for a short distance to the Bargate roundabout.

From there the rickshaw and entourage will process along Wide Bargate and Strait Bargate and into the Market Place, exiting along South Street to the junction with John Adams Way. They will cross over to High Street to make their way to the ATS roundabout and then on to London Road, passing through Wyberton and Kirton on their way to King's Lynn, a total distance of around 60 miles.

The new route, some of it pedestrianised, will afford many more people an opportunity to see Matt and his team.

Matt's cycling colleagues will include six young riders who have been supported by BBC Children In Need-funded projects. Matt will ride alongside them while Alex Jones will cheer them on, live from the studio.

Since it began the Rickshaw Challenge has raised more than £12 million. You can help this year's event by turning out to cheer Matt and the team through Boston (you may appear on live TV) and by making a £5 or £10 donation by text - text TEAM to 70405 to donate a fiver and TEAM to 70410 to give a tenner.