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Get your free bus pass

A high number of concessionary bus passes are due to expire in 2017. You can renew yours up to six months before the expiration date.

Application forms can be:

Forms can be returned by post, emailed to or dropped off in person at City Hall, Beaumont Fee, Lincoln LN1 1DB.

There is no fee for renewing your pass.

The passes allow all eligible older and disabled people to travel free on off-peak scheduled bus services anywhere in England. In Lincolnshire, resident pass holders can also travel free of charge on local journeys before 9.30am on weekdays.

For details of the eligibility criteria and other scheme information, visit the website or call the number above. Applicants will need to provide a passport-sized photo (unless applying in person), plus proof (dated within the last six months) that they are a Lincolnshire resident and that they are of an age or have a disability which will qualify them for a pass.

Eligibility is determined by pension age and the date you will be eligible for a bus pass will depend on the month in which you were born and it will not fall on your birthday.

You can enter your date of birth at to find out when you are eligible to receive a bus pass.

You can also qualify on the following grounds -  a person who: