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Silver birch avenue for Central Park

An new avenue of trees has been planted in Central Park, replacing mature trees which had to be taken down following safety concerns.

The multi-stemmed silver birches have been planted on both sides of the path leading into Central Park from Tawney Street where previously a nuisance area had developed with drinkers relieving themselves under cover of the shrubbery which has been removed.

Mature trees which had become dangerous because of their condition and location alongside the children's play area have been removed, but are outnumbered by the new planting. The new trees are the variety Jacquemontii, also known as white-barked Himalayan Birch. They have the whitest bark, which peels, of all birch varieties and will provide a contrast against the walled background and darker foliage. The leaves turn golden yellow in the autumn.

The next new tree-planting scheme will be at Burgess Pit, where a community orchard is to be developed featuring apple, plum, pear and cherry trees, plus crab apples for the wildlife.

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Pictured planting one of the new trees is Anthony Allen, left, and Joe Nicholls, of the council's grounds staff. Helping out were Kevin Field and Buzz. The ground had been prepared by Lee Davison and Patrick Drury.