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Remember road crash victims this Christmas

Candles in memory of loved ones killed in road accidents in Lincolnshire are to be displayed at a special site at Westgate Woods over the Christmas period.

Anyone can take a battery-powered candle to the memorial site from Friday, December 23. All have to be removed by Boxing Day. Any left remaining after then will be disposed of.

Lincolnshire Roads Victims Memorial Appeal aims to create a special memorial area in the peaceful setting of Westgate Woods just outside Boston for all road crash victims in Lincolnshire.

Fund raising has begun to lease the land and to provide easy access for all to the site for quiet reflection.

The next fundraiser will be a concert with the ukulele band at Graves Park, Kirton, on Saturday, February 11 starting at 7pm.

Contact Anne Bourne on 01205 367892 for more details.

She has appealed for local Tesco shoppers to pop their blue voting disk in the middle section for Lincolnshire Road Victims Memorial for a chance of adding £5,000 to their funds.

Anne lost her daughter and her niece in a horrendous crash on a county road in which four people died and five children were left without their

mothers. Her other daughter was seriously injured.