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Town's first Hanseatic visitors

Boston has had its first official Hanseatic League visit with the Mayor hosting a party from Holland.

Students from Harderwyk, together with their new friends from Boston College's travel and tourism course, were welcomed into the Boston Borough Council chamber by Mayor, Cllr Stephen Woodliffe.

They were shown the council's civic regalia and given a talk about the borough "treasures", including a gift from a town in Holland that the visitors were familiar with, by Mayor's officer Andy Lamming.

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Sarah Colbert, Boston's Youth Hansa chairman and lecturer in travel and tourism at Boston College, organised the exchange visit when she attended Hanseatic League celebrations in Bergen. Boston rejoined the Hanseatic League's 183 towns and cities in 2015 after an absence of almost 700 years. In medieval times Boston was a warehousing site and trading partner with Hanseatic League countries from across the North Sea.

It is hoped the new association will lead to economic benefits and a tourism boost.

Hull is also a Hanseatic League member and the Dutch students were taken on a visit to the city. They had been staying in the family homes of host students from Boston High, Haven High and Boston Grammar Schools and visited the Stump, the Guildhall and the Maud Foster Windmill and sampled that very British delicacy, fish, chips and mushy peas at Tates Fish and Chip Restaurant. Boston Bowl also gave them a discounted evening out.

"Only two had eaten fish and chips before and they were all new to mushy peas, although the gravy option was more favoured," said Sarah.

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