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FREE Stump to Sluice Workshop with James Sutton

The Stump to Sluice project will host their first open drop in workshop at Boston Market Place on Friday, April 7, 2017.

As part of the BBC's Get Creative weekend, Transported will host the first open drop in Stump to Sluice workshop at the Canal and River Trust Family Fun Day.

Artist James Sutton will lead the sand casting workshop from 10am to 3pm. James' previous artworks in the area include sculptures outside the Geoff Moulder Leisure Centre, along Windsor Crescent and at Boston Westagate Woods.

The 'Stump to Sluice' project, organised by the Witham Central and Carlton Road Neighbourhood Action Group and Transported, was recently award £15,000 of Grants for the Arts Funding from Arts Council England and £1500 from the Royal Voluntary Service's Local People's Project to undertake a new exciting arts project along the Haven Bank.

Lincolnshire based artist James Sutton has been commissioned for the project to create artwork with residents inspired by Boston's fishing heritage.

The workshop will be part of the Family Fun Friday event organised by Boston Borough Council.

There will be fifteen other stalls at the Family Fun Friday including the Canal and River Trust, Boston Rowing, Boston Canoeing, Witham Sailing, Boston and District Angling, Boston Woods Trust, Boston Ramblers, RSPB, Boston and District Motorcycle Club, Veteran Bicycle Club, Model Motor Boat Club, Lincolnshire Sport, Princess Royal Sports Arena, Sustrans, Lincs Wildlife Trust and Boston in Bloom.

James Sutton, Stump to Sluice artist said: "I am very excited about the Stump to sluice project, creating a series of aluminium artworks to form a trail along the footpath. With the help of the Neighbourhood Action Group and Transported we hope to include as many local people in the creative process as possible. Running workshops firstly to establish a theme that is personal to the site and later to work on designs and patterns for the final casts."

"I have had the pleasure of working with transported before and have created a few works around Boston. Just up the water at Windsor Crescent are some large stone boulders I carved in a similar project as well as metal work outside Geoff Moulder Leisure Centre and large stone seeds for Boston Woods trust."

Lauren Williams, Community Programme Development Coordinator for Transported said: "Transported are delighted to work with the Witham Central and Carlton Road Neighbourhood Action Group and James Sutton on the Stump to Sluice project. The NAG group do a lot of fantastic work around Boston so it's great to be able to support and upskill them. James' previous Transported projects in Boston means that he is already familiar with the area and to local people."

"We hope plenty of people get involved in the workshop, so they will be able to see their artwork in the final piece."

Jody Raggo, Chair of the WItham Central and Carlton Road Neighbourhood Action Group said: "The group are very excited to be leading on the From Stump to Sluice Project and working with James to create a series of beautiful artworks down Haven Bank."

"Following on from initial consultation workshops, the theme of fish and fishing has been chosen. Boston has a rich fishing heritage and the group are keen to see this heritage be reflected within the artworks and encourage everyone to come along to the event to share their fishing stories and take part in designing a fish to be placed on the arts trail. I know there will be a lot of other activities that reflect the importance of the river walkways to Boston and hope everyone can bring their families and get involved."

For more information on the project, contact Lauren Williams at or on 01406 701006.

To find out more about the Transported project and to sign up for updates, visit our website at, or call the office on 01406 701006. We are also on Facebook ( and Twitter (@TransportedArt).