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Church window in Germany honours Boston

A businessman has made a generous 750,000 Euro (almost £650,000) donation to a church restoration in Anklam, Germany, which includes a new Boston-themed stained glass window.

The benefactor, Mr Fred Gerber, from Anklam, paid for the window to be made and installed in St Nicholas Church, the church of merchants and sailors. The window portrays the three crowns in gold and blue from Boston's coat of arms and the name "Boston".

Alison Fairman, chairman of Boston Hanse, said there has been a fundraising campaign since 2007 for a "hall of crest windows" for the church, aimed at giving members of the modern-day Hanseatic League their own coat of arms in a window of the church.

Boston is the newest Hanseatic town. It rejoined the 183 towns and cities in the Hanseatic League in 2015 after a 700-year absence. The New Hanse hopes to create cultural and business alliances with cities around the North and Baltic Seas. Boston was a warehousing site and trading partner with Hanseatic League countries in medieval times and owed much of its early prosperity to the trade it enjoyed from across the North Sea.
Mrs Fairman and three others have had an invitation from the Mayor of Anklam to the official unveiling of  the window in August.

The church, which dates back to 1280, and most of the town was destroyed by Allied bombing in 1944 and reconstruction began in 1994.

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Pictured, the new stained glass window and St Nicholas Church, Anklam, Germany