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Boston's honour and privilege

Troops with bayonets fixed marched through Boston yesterday as a jet roared overhead - but it was all done in the name of peace and freedom.

Peacekeeping forces from RAF Coningsbyexercised their historic right as freedom holders to march in Boston.

Mayor of Boston, Cllr Bernard Rush, and Commander officer of RAF Coningsby , Group Captain Mike Baulkwill, took the salutes from a saluting base in Wide Bargate before inspecting the ranks. There was a flypast by RAF jets.

With colours aloft, the parade marched off from St Botolph's, through to Strait Bargate and then back to the side of St Botolph's Church for dispersal.

Cllr Rush said: "It was my pleasure to inspect the parade today, what a magnificent sight for the people of the Borough of Boston. May I take this opportunity to thank Group Captain Baulkwill and RAF Coningsby, and indeed all our service men and women for all they do to keep us safe. We are proud of you and need you as much today as we have ever done. As Mayor of Boston and on behalf of our council, may I say that we are very proud of the long standing and strong relationship we have built with RAF Coningsby and long may that continue."

Video of the march can be viewed online here.

On Monday Deputy Mayor Cllr Barrie Pierpoint will be raising the Armed Services Day flag in Boston's Memorial Gardens to mark the importance of remembering those in the Armed Services, past and present.

British Armed Forces Day is Saturday, June 24 and the Armed Forces Day flag will be flown until after then.

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