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Boston Beach days - day two

Looking out across Central Park today, you'd be forgiven for saying "We're going to need a bigger beach!" Its day two at Boston's Beach day event and there's a fantastic number of families enjoying the activities in bright sun shine.

All the different attractions are busy with children running from stall to stall, creating crafts, riding the donkeys, playing football, bouncing dwon the inflatable castle and playing in the sand. A quick chat with some visitors and you can immediately sense the anticipation for the upcoming magician's show, which proved so popular yesterday.

Playing with some sand and sporting a little pink butterfly rucksack, Ava Walkey (aged 20 months) pauses for a moment with Alexander (11) and Loraine Leroy from Boston Children's Centre. Speaking about the event, Lorraine says "it's really popular and there's such a good family atmosphere. Everybody's really happy that everything is free".

Onwards past the bouncy castle which has proved to be a real winner again today, Lewis Wright from Boston United Football Club (The Pilgrims) can be seen putting young aspiring footballers through their paces. "The day has been a great success and we've seen children aged from 2 to 12 and they've enjoyed different activities, such as tug-of-war, volleyball and dodgeball. It's good that the kids have been active and have been able to meet new people."

Just behind us, some children play an enthusiastic game of football and among them, Kenzie Kearns (9) from Boston, proves he can handle the ball very well for an appointed goalkeeper.

The beach event ends today at 3pm but the beach will remain in Central Park as a free attraction, until the end of August.

Big thanks again to Boston Big Local for funding the event with support from Mayflower Housing, Boston Children's Centre, Transported Arts and Boston United in the Community.


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Everybody enjoying some blue sky and sun shine whilst down at the beach.

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Ava Walkey (20 months) with Alexander (11) and Lorraine Leroy at the Boston Children's Centre stall.

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The bouncing castle proving to be so popular again.

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Kenzie Kearns (9) masterfully tackles the ball, but who's in goal?