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Boston - a small town with big history and heritage

The heritage weekend starts on Thursday, September 7. In addition the Sessions House, the old court house near the Stump, will be open to the public on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 September.

It is also a timely reminder that Boston boasts as rich a history and heritage as any town in the UK. It has been helping to shape the world we know today right from the time a few locals were making salt to keep the Roman legions happy. Today visitors from far and wide are attracted to The Wash bird reserves on our doorstep whilst our town boasts cutting-edge food packing and processing businesses that daily fill supermarket shelves around the country.  

In between times Boston has been a rich boom town twice in its history and its pioneers have helped to shape both the USA and Australia in the way they are today.

The history of Boston is on record but it is like a huge iceberg; very little of it is easily available to the public gaze, apart from the Stump of course. 

The heritage weekend and the the Sessions House open days help to expose a little more of the borough's fascinating past.